Bison Metals Technologies

New name; Bison Metals Technologies LLC, with  more than 50 years serving OEM and Aftermarket customers copper tubing requirements.

BMT represents a new beginning. We create value for our customers by streamlining our core strengths and manufacturing capabilities to provide copper tubing for the Industrial, Technical, HVAC and Refrigeration markets.

We are committed to delivering our copper tube products on time, within budget and to the quality expectations required, every time. We continue to offer competitive pricing and just-in-time delivery our customers need to run their businesses efficiently. We are still the same Company with the same great service and people - only the name has changed.

Industrial Tubing

A Half Century of Innovation and Excellence
BMT has historically provided the most advanced copper product offering for the North American HVAC/Refrigeration, and Appliance markets. Today, we are dedicated to delivering the same high quality and innovation our customers require in order to support their growing demands for energy efficiency.